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Spray Tanning Skin Care Guide!

The DOs and DON'Ts PRIOR to your Spray Tan

DO exfoliate the night before your spray tan session.
DO Shave (or any hair removal) the day before your spray tan.
DO remove all your jewellery, bangles and so forth before your spray tan.
DO select an old or preferably dark underwear, bathing suit /bikini to wear during your spray tan.
DO remove all make-up before you spray tan session
DO NOT exfoliate on the morning/day of your spray tan.
DO NOT use an exfoliant containing oils.
DO NOT Wax on the day of your spray tan.
DO NOT apply a deodorant or perfumes to the skin before tanning.
DO NOT use soap or shower gel to wash yourself - they mildly exfoliate your skin.
DO NOT use Baby Oil as it will place a barrier on your skin not allowing the spray tan to do its job.
The DOs and DONT'S AFTER your Spray Tan
DO be wary or careful of using moisturising creams, they have been known to remove a spray tan. Select a 'good' Moisturizer and lightly apply daily.
DO wear loose-fitting or baggy clothing just after your spray tan. Tight or snug-fitting clothing will smudge and can ruin a great tan.
DO wear flip flops (if you can) after your spray tan session and not tight fitting shoes. This will prevent streaks or marks on the tops of your feet (if you wish subsequently to wear open-top shoes).
DO lightly exfoliate any areas of dry skin (heels, elbows) as your tan generally begins to fade (a few days after your spray tan) to ensure these area fade evenly with the rest of your body.
DO NOT do any sport or activity where you will sweat, glow or perspire for at least 6-8 hours or so after your spray tan session. Your sweat can make your spray tan run. If you can, leave it a day or two to settle in before attacking anything heavy!
DO NOT Swim in a chlorinated swimming pool if you want your tan to last. The chlorine will strip your tan completely.
DO NOT take long showers or baths using soap as this can also remove your spray tan.
DO NOT exfoliate your body after your spray tan as this will (obviously) remove your spray tan!
DO NOT shave (men) for at least 12 hours after your spray tan. It's equivalent to exfoliating your face!
DO NOT use any exfoliating facial washes or toner on your face for a minimum of 18-24 hours after your spray tan session.
DO NOT think you spray tan will protect you from the sun - it won't! Spray tanning has no UV factor in it and will not protect you from being sunburned. Remember to use a high factor sun screen for protection if you go in the sun. Just because you look golden and like a Goddess, you will (unfortunately) burn if not protected!
DO NOT have a massage after your spray tan - using baby or massage oil, it will ruin your tan.

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